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In today’s society music can be experienced through an array of different sounds and visuals. However, with so much talent comes oversaturation and repetition. It can be hard to find something truly extraordinary that stands out. Thankfully, MEMBA is here to save everyone from the status quo of music and art. Memba is a NY-based production duo comprised of Ishaan Chaudhary & Will Curry, and they’ve been looking to the change the way people see and view music with their one of a kind style to make music of the future. These two artists and producers are here to revolutionize the soundwaves of music for the world to enjoy. They have a sound that will ratify eardrums in the most pleasant and organic known to mankind. Different is good, and these two know how to put the spotlight on different with their unique, harmonizing, and instrumental sounds. MEMBA can only be experienced because words do not do them justice for their creations.