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  •  Wednesday December 8 - 8:00 PM

The Driver Era was born in 2018, while the brothers were touring with their former group R5. Now, three years and a global pandemic later, the band celebrates the release of their sophomore album Girlfriend, written and produced by Ross and Rocky in their LA-based home studio. When it comes to creating music, The Driver Era is all about embracing where they’re at in the present, taking that energy in the studio and letting the music find itself. In a way, this approach mirrors the pair’s dynamic as brothers. Never fake. Never forced. Always playful. “In our nature, we both like to have fun, and we both understand that the purpose of life is to enjoy it,” explains Ross. In their home studio, as they test out beat after beat, riff after riff, this mentality seems to carry. For them, it’s music first, lyrics second—no restrictions. The freedom to explore, to pick any sound under the sun, experiment, listen, tinker, adjust, and then, and only then, put words to the feeling.