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Known for their distinct take on alternative rock, the band has never limited their sound to a single genre. Originally from Hawaii, vocalist/guitarist Tyke James and guitarist Addison Sharp began performing together in 2015 in between surf sessions. They were inspired by the sounds of Oahu, and able to blend “the joyfulness and breeziness of reggae culture” with “the introspection and communal spirit of mainland indie acts like Cage The Elephant and Pinegrove.” By 2018, the band had grown to include drummer Willie Fowler and bassist Brierton Sharp. After moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, they released their 2019 debut album, Bryology. Since then, The Moss have released their 2021 sophomore album, Kentucky Derby, and an exemplary set for Audiotree. Their discography is united by a critical characteristic: each and every song is written to be performed live. Fowler explains, “No matter what we do, we want to make sure the songs are fun to play live…We pride ourselves on being a band people want to see.” “Insomnia” is no different. The track starts with an explosive countdown, and the energy never fades. The track will make your heart pound with anticipation, a fitting feeling for a song about falling in love. The Moss expertly convey the emotions that follow “the fall”: elation, angst, fear, and everything in between.