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  •  Saturday July 2 - 6:30 PM

Starting 2000, unitcode:machine is a project from Texas Native Eric Kristoffer. Following in the steps of other Texas electronic artists, Eric’s style of electro-industrial takes from many inspirations to create a sound unique to the project. Ever changing, unitcode:machine’s list of comparable projects changes from album to album. The project’s first album “Time/Frame” released in 2004, taking elements of musique concrete and synthpop and merging them together. “Know”, the lost 2005 follow up, was more conventional in comparison to the previous work, with more organized beats and vocals. “Nosophobia” (2011) was a drive to make a more accessible album that tapped into what Eric was listening to at the time, a culmination of the future-pop sound at the time, along with the more harsher EBM that existed. After a hiatus to work on himself and his writing, 2019 brought “Tyranny” into existence. This album was written focusing on the vitriol of modern media and political climate that had come into fruition. “Tyrant” (2020) was a release of material that was not offered on Tyranny, either due to cuts or insufficient space. 2021 brings the 6th official release “Themes for a Collapsing Empire” a journey through loss, regret, and self-reflection.