[Cancelled]Stand Atlantic at The Blue Light Dallas

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Tue Jul 14 2020 – 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

*do a search for {artist name} concert review, or find the about us section on band website or facebook and find a positive paragraph and paste as plain text

– Source (don’t use wikipedia. Do a google search for “_____ show review” or “____ concert review” – or use the bands website, or go to reddit and rewrite something as original, and credit it to “deepellum.com staff”

embed a youtube video here - try to use an official video, or one with a of views
embed a youtube video here - try to use an official video, or one with a of views
go to https://publish.twitter.com/ and try to embed the bands profile (@band), or if it's multiple bands, try to embed a hashtag (like #eventname)

Instructions:  Delete this block when done
1) Set a featured image.  The images are usually 16 x 9 widescreen type format.  If you upload a square image, that is fine, but wordpress will adjust it and sometimes it will auto-crop it in a strange way (sometimes it will just show the middle of the picture, which is great for scenery but bad for people).  Use the preview feature and if it’s not displaying right, use the wordpress edit image feature to crop into more of a rectangle.

2) leave the aip_event_details short code alone

3)Find a blockquote using the instructions

4) If there are tickets, set the link, otherwise delete that block

5) embed two videos, and embed a twitter feed or timeline.  If you can’t find a twitter, you can delete this section or use your judgement to add a bulleted list, or a paragraph, link to band facebook, or whatever you like

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