Chloe Moriondo with Kid Sistr and Shortly at Club Dada

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Sun Nov 14 2021 – 7:00 PM

location: Club Dada

Eighteen-year-old chloe moriondo shaved her head for her major label debut, Blood Bunny — a classic symbol of taking control, of bold new beginnings, of not caring at all what people really think. This attitude spreads into moriondo’s highly anticipated 13-track album, with unapologetic pop-punk anthems, like the aptly titled “Rly Don’t Care” and cheeky “I Eat Boys.” Her sound builds off the nostalgia of early aughts radio rock and puts that massive, guitar-led production through the lens of an outsider “internet kid” who sings comfortably about being a “freak.” From the euphoric, festival-sized build of “I Want to Be With You” to the mellow, earnest warmth of “Strawberry Blonde,” moriondo’s album offers the relatable charm of bedroom-pop with enough confidence to explode beyond those walls post-quarantine.

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