Good Kid with Kevin Walkman at Club Dada

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Fri May 12 2023 – 7:00 PM

location: Club Dada

In an increasingly cynical world, Toronto based band Good Kid are fighting against the darkness with energetic songs full of wistful exuberance. Where some bands might be more concerned with acting the part, Good Kid are focussed on being themselves, blasting forward with a rambunctious ear – to – ear grin. Their sound hits a familiar note, combining J-rock, Indie Rock and Pop-Punk influences, while leaning on anime-style illustration, character-based story telling, and video game culture. They are a representation of a generation that has grown up in an increasingly bleak world, where the only way out of the existential dread is some good, clean fun. Since 2015, Good Kid have been pumping out music and videos with equal parts high octane riffs, catchy melodies, whip-smart lyrics, and innovative creativity – all served with a dash of wholesome innocent energy. Good Kid are the type of band you want to bring home to your parents.

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