Justin Tipton & the Troublemakers at Mama Tried Deep Ellum

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Fri Jun 11 2021 – 5:00 PM

location: Mama Tried

Defining the sound of Justin Tipton & The Troublemakers is not an easy task. The simplest answer is: it depends on which song you’re listening to. You can hear different influences, from different decades…or centuries, in each song in their discography. They are essentially a melting pot of rock, country, blues, pop and folk. Since 2016, Justin Tipton has been making his way around Texas spreading rock n’ roll cheer. What started out as a coffee shop residency became a high energy rock n’ roll band with lyrics that put a movie in your mind, harmonies that demand your ear’s attention, ripping guitar solos, and a rhythm section that will guarantee your foot will tap and your hands will clap.


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