(CANCELLED) Kash Doll at Trees

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Mon Mar 30 2020 – 7:00 PM

location: Trees Deep Ellum

With tens of millions of independent streams, widespread critical acclaim, and her hometown of Detroit cheering her on, Kash Doll asserts herself as hip-hop’s next champion. Following a tireless grind, she proves downright inescapable. Now, she chronicles every moment of this rollercoaster ride on her anxiously awaited full-length debut.

In addition to the music, Kash has her hands in several businesses through Kash Doll Enterprises, as well as charities like her initiative B.A.D. (Black American Doll) Girls, which donates dresses and styles young women in the Detroit area during prom season, and helps sponsor community events. She was given the Spirit of Detroit Award in recognition for her continued work to give back to her city.



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