(CANCELLED) Lords Of Acid with Aesthetic Perfection, Praga Khan and MXMS at Trees

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Fri Mar 20 2020 – 7:00 PM

location: Trees Deep Ellum

Lords of Acid’s new record, “Expand Your Head”, is a testament to the band’s continuing vision and impact in our world. The many fans among us refuse to let them stop for even a moment, and continue, along with the band, to re-invent them anew on their own. There is life here, and joy, and fun, AND PERHAPS THE BEST LORDS RECORD EVER!!! This record contains personal interpretations of many of the Lords favorite artists’ impressions of their favorite Lords gems. It is a dark and raucous ride not to be missed. Four new Lords tracks highlight the sparkle on this blue diamond of a disc. “Am I Sexy?” is even featured in the trailer for the new Austin Powers film, “The Spy Who Shagged Me”. Groovy. But of course… The Lords are with you now and forever. Wear it in your tiara, baby.


The band has completed six tours of America. They have headlined to over 280,000 fans during those tours. They have been our ambassadors of sexual curiosity, hilarity, and pranks. They have brought freedom and fun to our shores and will once again tour in the fall. Do not miss it.



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