pH-1 at ?The Studio at The Factory

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Sat Jan 28 2023 – 8:00 PM

location: The Bomb Factory

Park Jun-won (???), better known by his stage name pH-1, is a Korean-American rapper based in South Korea. He released his debut extended play ” The Island Kid” in 2017, followed by the full-length albums “HALO” in 2019 and “X” in 2020. The stage name pH-1 is a combination of his name, “p” from his surname Park, “H” from the English name Harry, and “Won” from the Korean name Park Joon-won.He is currently under Jay Park & Cha Cha Malone’s record label H1GHR MUSIC. Park was born in South Korea and moved with his family to Long Island, New York, when he was about 12 years old. He studied biology at Boston College and worked as a dental assistant post-graduation. Park was later employed at a web development company prior to moving to South Korea in 2016. He then moved to Korea in pursuit of his music career after Jay Park reached out to him via Instagram to join his newly formed record label, H1GHR MUSIC. As the three keywords he pursues in his music are truth, positivity, and experience, he tries to contain only positive messages as much as possible, excluding alcohol, money bragging, and sexual content.

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