Portrayal of Guilt with Chat Pile at The Double Wide

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Fri Nov 19 2021 – 9:00 PM

location: Double Wide

Remember the cautious optimism of February 2020? Texas trio Portrayal of Guilt buried it under a flood of flesh-melting sludge called “The End of Man Will Bring Peace to This Earth.” Nine months later, they commemorated New Year’s Eve with a filmed live performance titled “2020 Will Burn in Hell Forever.” Their second LP arrives at a queasy time, when most resolutions are already abandoned and—months into a pandemic—arbitrary points on the calendar feel more arbitrary than ever. But it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full, half empty, or just something to smash against a wall: On We Are Always Alone, Portrayal of Guilt find a new level of confidence to express the pointlessness of existence. After all, what you consider to be “mood music” depends on whether you’re seeking counterprogramming or a chance to lean into the negative energy outside.


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