Powerwolf at The Factory in Deep Ellum

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Mon Mar 20 2023 – 8:00 PM

location: The Bomb Factory

POWERWOLF – a name that fills every disciple of melodic heavy metal with joy and stands for a successful quintet that needs no more introduction after 15 years of steep ascent. The anniversary was celebrated with a best-of release in 2020, which united the highlights of all six studio albums released to date – including both long-running hits from early works, and more recent hits from the gold-awarded records Blessed & Possessed and The Sacrament Of Sin, such as the platinum hit single “Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend”. POWERWOLF enters new musical territory every minute, conquering it for themselves in almost the same second and turning it into one big firework of fresh influences. Lyrically – aside from the usual tongue-in-cheek heresy a? la “Undress To Confess” – Call Of The Wild is the hour of mythical scary characters, who would all have good cards in the fight for the rank of official band mascot: While “Beast Of Ge?vaudan” tells the story of a legendary predator that spread fear and terror in southern France in the middle of the 18th century at top speed, the stomping “Varcolac” pays homage to the eponymous wolfish demon of Romanian folklore, before “Blood For Blood (Faoladh)” evokes the Irish relative of the moon worshiper known to us as “Werewolf” in front of a fitting sound backdrop. Finally, the final offering “Reverent Of Rats” puts a pompous exclamation mark behind a work that can rightfully be called the most multi-faceted in the band’s history so far and which – beyond all promotional platitudes – is a hot contender for the top position among this year’s metal releases!


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