Sizzy Rocket at Three Links

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Thu May 25 2023 – 8:00 PM

location: Three Links Deep Ellum

Infusing rock and pop (and a tiny twang of folk at the finish line), Sizzy Rocket’s latest, 15-track project will blow your mind.
Live Laugh Love documents all the most glorious and tender moments of life through the lens of Sizzy Rocket. With the project roughly broken down to four different sections, Sizzy tends to both pop fans and punk heads. From the thrashing title track “Live Laugh Love,” to the swaggy, grungey guitar banger that is “Bubblegum,” even the tender closing number “With My Idols,” not a moment did Sizzy Rocket settle for the ordinary and the old. Using an interestingly curated, demo-esque but highly fine tuned production style, Live Laugh Love provides full-body experience of all the highs and lows of life. A seasoned songwriter, Sizzy Rocket is the highly anticipated, pop influenced rockstar who’s charging through a moment of her own. Staying true to her musical influence and her humble beginnings, Live Laugh Love contains endless subtle and not so subtle reference in the most surprising ways possible. Through the creative process of this album, she has run through strip malls in Nevada and self-directed frenzy and mayhem in the NYC subway with her video camera. Live Laugh Love is the unhinged and daring diary most would have kept to themselves, but Sizzy Rocket was kind enough to share the sincerity behind the thrill with us all.

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