Spencer Sutherland at Club Dada

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Tue Nov 9 2021 – 7:00 PM

location: Club Dada

For Spencer Sutherland, the alt-soul singer whose brand of head-nodding, heart-rending, room-shaking pop songs is quickly establishing him as one of the big names to watch in the genre, the key to his success is in simply being himself. Being true—to the music, to yourself—is a commandment above all else in the scene these days. In today’s hyper-savvy culture, audiences can tell a real smile from a fake or natural chill from a put-upon act just as easily as they can spot when an artist is actually comfortable in his own shoes—and for Sutherland, figuring out the latter helped him embrace his true vibe. The Ohio-born, Los Angeles-based singer’s ability to fuse his neo-soul falsetto crooning and biting, relatable lyrics with bombastic modern beats, swaggering electric licks and a retro, stripped-down production is making a splash across multiple airwaves.


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