Tigers Jaw at Trees

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Wed Nov 16 2022 – 7:00 PM

location: Trees Deep Ellum

A band whose music has matured from pop-punk to emo to indie rock, Tigers Jaw have earned a growing following for their melodic but insistent music and emotionally powerful lyrics. Always urgent and usually tuneful, Tigers Jaw’s music has been evolving since they began recording, but the constant factors have been a spare yet engaging sense of melody, a willingness to open their hearts and minds to the listener, and an energy that brings a forceful impact to even their most pop-oriented songs. 2008’s Tigers Jaw typified the scrappy, heavily dynamic sound of the band’s early days, 2010’s Two Worlds found them in a more confident mood with a -bodied sound, 2014’s Charmer was a transitional effort as their emo roots gave way to a poppier, indie-influenced attack, and 2021’s I Won’t Care How You Remember Me demonstrated they could adopt a more polished and thoughtful approach without sacrificing their passion or perspective.


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