Wallows with Jordana at The Factory in Deep Ellum

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Tue May 17 2022 – 8:00 PM

location: The Bomb Factory

Following their massively successful 2019 debut record “Nothing Happens,” indie band Wallows released their long-awaited sophomore record “Tell Me That It’s Over.” After bursting onto the scene in 2019, the band has achieved multiple charting singles like “OK” and RIAA-certified double platinum single “Are You Bored Yet?” This led the group to develop a passionate cult fanbase and quickly become one of the biggest names in contemporary indie music. In “Tell Me That It’s Over,” Wallows maintains their signature sound while experimenting with various musical styles and genres. The album provides a fantastic follow-up to their debut record as the band explores the ups and downs of romantic relationships in a fun and danceable fashion.


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