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  •  Friday June 3 - 7:00 PM

Anika a.k.a Annika Henderson (D/GB), born 1987 in Woking England, is a hybrid artist. The former journalist made a name for herself in the electronic music scene, with her experimental sound collages, confrontational texts and unique way of performing live solo. Her breakthrough came in 2010 with the release of the cult-hit, experimental LP, ‚Anika‘ (Stones Throw /Invada), which she recorded with Geoff Barrow and band Beak> in Bristol, a wholey unexpected and unplanned affair, which began Anika’s long and winding road into the music, film, poetry and arts scenes. Her most known song remains ‚I To Sleep‘, a cover of ‚The Kinks‘ 1965 classic. She has performed extensively since 2009, with and without band, in renowned venues and festivals across the globe, such as the Portishead curated All Tomorrows Parties in New Jersey and London, Moog Festival, alongside the likes of Suicide, Tangerine Dream, Silver Apples and Moebius, Mexico City’s Normal Festival, Tehran’s Tadaex, Berghain, Atonal festival, SKIF St Petersberg, WWWX Tokyo amoung others. She interweaves dub, post-punk, psychedelic, with shadows of dnb and a strong emphasis on the voice.