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As a verified vocalist and in-depth writer, Caskey brings an element of difference making to the genre. His song, “100 Bars” showcases his pristine ability to flow on a track for an extended period of time. There are many things that Caskey does that are rather unheard of within the modern era of rap. As a multifaceted artist, he has outstanding depth and breadth of lyrical content that speaks volumes and reflects mightily within his catalogue. By blending a mixture of musical backgrounds into various soundscapes, Caskey is able to reach a wide audience of people who love quality music. His raw expressions of emotion are a direct acknowledgement of the heavy metal genre and the music that he became enamored with as a youngster. He is unafraid to show the fans his vulnerabilities, imperfections and personal life as he constantly presents the most authentic version of himself to those who follow him. As heavy metal drew him to becoming interested in music as a listening consumer, hip-hop drew him to becoming a producer of music that is able to truly affect the sound and bridge the generational divide.