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  •  Wednesday December 7 - 6:00 PM

Born in the buckle of the Bible Belt –Mobile, Alabama native OMB Peezyhas had his fair share of hardships. However, rather than fall victim to faux parables, OMB Peezy created his own lane to hip-hop stardom by talking about the only thing that matters—the truth. Yet, like any great prophet, Peezy used these struggles to guide him. In rap, beingrevered and being a legend are two different things. Being revered in hip-hop can be a short-lived experience. People admire your ascension, loathe your reign, and applaud your fall. En route to gaining the quick flame of fame, one might have to compromise themselves and their story to be accepted. Yet, OMB Peezy was able to evade these hoops and hurdles by simply relying on the truth. By recalling his life like The Gospel, “Pastor P” (as he’s known on social media) has become a pillar in Alabama’s bubbling hip-hop scene. He’s also blazed a trail from Mobile to Sacramento that will allow him to speak life to stories outside of music while becoming the legend he’s destined to be. And unlike the fast feeling of being revered, to be a legend in hip-hop is to have an everlasting life.