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Sasha Sloan is that girl you can chat about “deep cuts” with in a diner until four AM between cigarettes and coffee. Sasha Sloan is a normal, yet “completely complicated human.”  Sasha Sloan is from South Boston, but lives in Los Angeles. Sasha Sloan describes her style as “Target chic.” She is trying to speak to “the quiet girls at the party who struggle with what they look like.” She writes songs you “can listen to late at night when you’re all fucked up and alone — and maybe feel better.”


Sasha Sloan signed to RCA Records and assembled her 2018 EP loser alongside “Ready Yet” collaborator and producer King Henry. Right out of the gate, the second EP garnered acclaim from Billboard, Flaunt, and more, propelled by “The Only,” “Chasing Parties,” and lead single “Older.” The latter has over 150 million streams across all services. In 2019 Sasha made her TV debut performance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, went on her first North American and European tours (both selling out), and released her third and final EP Self Portrait featuring “Dancing With Your Ghost” and “Smiling When I Die.”