The Midnight at The Factory in Deep Ellum

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Sun Nov 21 2021 – 8:00 PM

The Midnight may have a very solid retro aesthetic behind them that people really dig, but the real reason why people have latched onto them is that they write amazing songs. Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan actually first met each other when they were paired up to do a songwriting session together and you can definitely tell. Even earlier songs like Gloria and Days of Thunder have the kind of timeless quality about them that makes them great pop songs. They’re absolutely laden with vocal and instrumental hooks, have huge choruses that are easy to sing along to and, thanks to Tim McEwan’s seasoned production chops (just look up the huge amount of records he’s been involved in over the years!), they’re impeccably produced and chock-full of ear candy. The perfectly wobbly synthesizers, layers of 80s and 90s sounding drums and flickers and glitches of samples create an entire sonic universe that’s beautiful and cinematic in its scope.

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