Crime: Staying Safe in Deep Ellum

I wish I drank more last night
– said no one ever (except my brother)

It only takes a few violent incidents to give a great neighborhood a bad name.  As the heart of the Dallas music scene draws huge crowds on any given night, staying safe in deep ellum isn’t any different than staying safe in any other part of the city where the night life, bars, restaurants, and music draw big crowds looking to have a great time.

Let’s look at 7 (5 legit) ways to have a great time and stay safe on your night out.

  • “I wish I would have drank more last night.”
    A non-scientific survey made up of my former roommates confirm that you probably won’t wish you had more alcohol the morning after your night.  Keeping your wits about you is the top way to stay safe and avoid crime in deep ellum.
  • Prep and Parking.
    Preparing in advance and downloading the “ParkMobile” app from your appstore is a great way to come prepared.  If you are going to be out late, avoid the urge to park at the deepest outskirts of deep ellum.  Sure, the parking is free, but there is safety in numbers so try to find parking closer or ride DART to the Deep Ellum Station.  We have a page dedicated to parking here.
  • If you are going to be drinking:
    If you are going to be drinking, leave your gun at home. If you are not drinking or if you are a designated driver, leave your gun at home. The fast and easy rule of thumb is to leave your gun at home.
  • Truck Nuts:
    As of 2019, the Dallas Police Department does not track the absence or presence of “truck nuts” on their incident reports.  At this time, our best estimate is that “truck nuts” on your vehicle raises the probability that you or someone with your will call 9-1-1 about 11.5%
  • Group Up:
    The easiest way to stay safe in large crowds is to never travel alone. Don’t let your friends walk to their car, the bus station, or the DART rail station alone.
  • Offensive Novelty Shirts:
    This is basically just to keep you safe from me.  If you are wearing a shirt that reads, “My other shirt is at your mom’s house” or “Come at me bro!”, what do you expect me to do?  I’m only human.
  • Awareness:
    How generic is “awareness”?  If you are walking late at night with your eyes down, scanning your phone, you’re an easy target. Even I would be tempted to mug you.  We’ve all done it, now cut it out and pay attention to where you are, make eye contact, and don’t be an easy target.