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In the late ’90s, a fanatic devotee of live music, Mike Snider of Dallas, Texas, started AllGood Café. He started the café to promote and expand live music concerts to beginners. Before starting the café, Mike Snider himself spent all his life in the food and restaurant business. The menu of AllGood Café started with a linguistic rule of No fries And Burger with No TV, which is still working for the company. The place is a Tex-Mex café with a taste of Mexican truck café featuring a long-prevailing menu that reflects the history and credibility for its success and prosperity.

  • Live music concerts.
  • Bohemian styled bistro.
  • Delicious food.
  • Country music specialists.
  • Well-known for our Chicken Fried Steak.
  • Beer, tequila and many other beverages.

A place for lovers of country music

The AllGood Café became prominent and attracted the eyes of the people of Dallas with some big concert nights. Many of the big names in the country music, such as Noble Ray Price, Johnny Bush, and others, gave a good time to the devotees of this music genre in the city. In addition, they also provided a memory of a lifetime for the people and the café to cherish.

A Perfect American Dinner Place

Some features of AllGood Café:

  • AllGood Café has one hell of an ethical American Bistro menu, which stands correct with the ambiance of the site.
  • Some of the bestsellers on their menu are Sliced Avocado, Bistro Salad, Goat Cheese Ravioli, Chicken Breast Piccata, and Special Paula’s Cheese Plate.
  • The one dish for which they are well-known is Chicken Fried Steak. This one’s probably the world’s best-fried steak name entitled by their customers.

Mike Snider, once in an interview, said that this dish only existed due to one of his friends, who was a chef. Even though this dish is not a staple food, it has become the heart of this place.

Good food and great service. Cool, laid back atmosphere. Average pricing for a decent restaurant (this isn’t Denny’s). Healthy sized portions. I can eat a lot, and am often still slightly hungry after a meal, but I was full when I left (and I didn’t even eat off of the kids plates!). Of the 3 or 4 highest recommended local places I’ve been to for breakfast, this is my favorite.

Stephanie Davies | Google Reviews.

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