Big Guys Chicken and Rice
Big Guys Chicken and Rice

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Big Guys Chicken and Rice

Does the idea of halal cart food with NYC style fascinate you? There could be nothing better than Big Guys Chicken and Rice.
Big Guys Chicken and Rice is located in the heart of Deep Ellum with a New Yorker cafe vibe transformed into an excellent spot for lunch and dinner nights. This place is one-stop for food addicts and those looking to hang out with friends over a wide range of halal foods gyro. The owner and head chef of this place, Hanif Islam, grew up in NYC and has been in Dallas for a long time. That’s why he founded that exact unique combination of halal food with a jumble of NYC style street vendor food.

  • Located in the heart of Deep Ellum.
  • Excellent spot for lunch and dinner nights.
  • Brick walls ambiance.
  • Great NYC-style chicken rice platter.
  • Ideal menu for the fans of halal food.
  • Excelent Beef and Lamb rice platter.

The Unique Ambiance

There are not many spots like these in Dallas, which are representative of the NYC food provided in the ambiance of brick walls. Both the vibe and the food of this place match each other for a reason. Due to this, even after opening last May, this restaurant’s popularity has spread like fire and gained a lot of appreciation.

From the Menu

Chef Islam prepared the dishes with his recipes using some experience he earned through his passion for street food.

  • Big Guys Chicken and Rice has an ideal menu for the fans of halal food with variation in Platters, Rice Bowls, Salads, and wraps to choose from.
  • Bestsellers of this spot include NYC-style chicken rice platter, Beef and Lamb rice platter and Big Guys mixed rice platter, and with mouth-watering flavors.

Something Extra:

Being on the historic neighborhood of Deep Ellum, Big Guys Chicken and Rice has become a frequently visited place for the people of Dallas. Even the reviews for this spot are hitting the bull’s eye. If you want to try some exotic food with remarkable flavors, this place is perfect and real to stand on your expectations.

GOODNESS Yum Yum Yum! This is the late night destination when you’re wrapping up your night in Deep Ellum! It satisfies all your boozy cravings. There’s always a little line because this place is just that GOOOOOD!!! The staff is always so friendly and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. For the price, it’s freaking amazing!!

Cheyenne G. | Tulsa, OK | Yelp Review.

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