Brick And Bones

Cliff Edgar thought to open a place that will not only serve as a café but also a great bar with cocktails, party vibes, as well as relaxation vibes. The man behind all this magic is Chef Rey Morales, who has taken the menu and preparation of dishes to the next level.

  • Great bar with cocktails.
  • Fantastic place for all chicken lovers.
  • Great vegetarians food.
  • Great place to chill and get a drink.
  • Experienced and famous bartenders.
  • Chicken is cooked tenderly and nicely.

Origin of the Menu

Edgar wanted to make the menu short and engaging yet simple. What could be the one thing that is loved by everyone, Chicken, right? Edgar himself claims that his food sales are more than drinks.

The café knows all the tricks and recipes to make your love for chicken deeper. This is a fantastic place for all chicken lovers. But this isn’t it. The café also has dishes for vegetarians that are perfectly cooked. While other restaurants in Dallas focus on southern dishes, this restaurant is experimenting with something different with the chicken only.

Up For Drinks too: ‘Brick and Bones’ is not only a place for dining but also to chill and get a drink. The excellent cocktail prepared by them is outstanding and different from others. The unique factor added to their drinks come from the most experienced and famous bartenders of Dallas (Jairo Trinidad and Ricardo) that serve here.

What differentiates Brick and Bones?

  • Massive variety of chicken dishes
  • Chicken is cooked tenderly and nicely
  • Chicken is served in all forms like chicken waffles, bucket chicken, crispy chicken, etc.

Specials On Recommendation:

Brick and bones has various specialties that have gained traction among people around Texas:

  • Lit chicken served with roasted pineapples
  • Natasha Fatale
  • Morales lose
  • Spicy and got chicken
  • Deviled eggs with a tiny touch of fried chicken

You can enjoy the delight of chicken at any time of the week from 6 pm to 2 am. If you are in the mood for some beer, fried chicken is the best accompaniment, and Brick and Bones is just the right place to fulfill your craving.

Good.I absolutely love this place. From the friend chicken to the tenders to the chicken and waffles. I’m not a friend chicken person until I came here. Their Mac n cheese is the best I’ve tried. All of their sides are pretty good and their old fashioned is pretty perfect as well. I have mine with Mezcal. The people at the bar are also very nice. Love when they make my old fashioned smoky.

Sophie V. | Yelp Review.

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