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Bucky Moonshine’s

Bucky Moonshine’s Restaurant is a chain started by Chef Ivan ‘Bucky’ Pugh to give tribute to the people of his country. Having developed a passion for cooking since the age of 14 yrs, chef Bucky has never stopped, and the same landed him to open the Bucky Moonshine’s. The former owner has decided to expand his business chain besides Aligator Café and Cajun Restaurant. The restaurant is thriving to serve people with the best food, music, and chill vibes. And, the place is a powerhouse of many cuisines like cajun and creole.
Willing to explore what southern food tastes when cooked with cajun and creole flavors? Visit this place, and you will never stop again.

  • Live music with a good atmosphere.
  • Perfect place to hang out with friends.
  • Pets are welcome.
  • Southern food tastes.
  • Cajun and creole flavors.
  • Professional service and friendly staff.

What is so special about this Place?

  • Customers coming here never stop praising the place and become regular diners.
  • Live music with a decent atmosphere will get you lost in its charm.
  • This makes a perfect place for those looking to hang out with friends and/or family. Moreover, you can also walk-in to cherish solo dining while enjoying self-company.
  • Only a few restaurants like Bucky Moonshine allow pets too because they also need a fresh atmosphere.
  • Homestyle cooking ranges from vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes. And, due to their taste & aroma, your mouth will never stop watering.
  • With the restaurant specialized in southern dishes, chicken, baby back ribs, dumpling soup, one can get uniqueness in every meal.
  • Verified ratings and excellent customer reviews across various sites have helped this place earn a spot in one of the top-rated restaurants of Dallas.

If one ever has to travel to Dallas and explore its food, this place is legit in all aspects. Moreover, professional service with customer-friendly staff and aura is attracting more people to this place. This is the reason why people keep visiting this place only for its taste, service, and value for money.

Let me tell y’all about this AWESOME SPOT!
It was hard to find since it’s towards the end of the strip (kinda)
Went on a Friday night
The guy spinning on the dj was FN AWESOME!
The music was a whole vibe the entire night.
Self seating
Decor was nice
Mixed crowd
Victor the waiter was on another level type of awesome
Awesome personality
Awesome customer service
Wasn’t pushy or overbearing
He would literally pop up right when we needed service
He suggested awesome food
Extremely good drinks (ps whoever made my alcohol beverage needs a raise) the drink was good af
The food was hot and fresh
Fast service
I would def be back and also recommend this spot to everyone.

Lance L. | Yelp Review.

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