This place is great! They have a delicious and unique vegan burger, as well as some surely amazing vegan tacos for just $9.99! The burger was a house made black bean patty that didn’t really hold together. But it was kind of fun to try and figure out different ways to consume it. The whole grain roll and all the toppings were terrific as well. – Ethan M., Denver, CO, Yelp

Cafe Brazil: Not Just Another Coffee House

There are around 7 unique DFW locations of Cafe Brazil. Each restaurant features a distinct architectural characteristic and a staff, giving it a flavor all its own. Its original one in Lakewood may have closed its doors, its Deep Ellum store with its courteous staff and eclectic interior design lives on.

From A Simple Concept To An Award-Winning Establishment

cafe brazil

In December 1991, the first Cafe Brazil resto opened in the Lakewood area of Dallas.

Originally, its concept was to give people a simple and charming restaurant serving amazing breakfast and specialty roasted coffees from all over the world. The smoke-free ten-table place mixes eclectic with a fun and relaxing ambiance. The idea was a massive hit with diners, and in no time, crowds are lining up outside its door 24 hours a day. 

With this success, Cafe Brazil began to expand to University Park. It is where it became a favorite weekend hangout place for a late-night dining experience. Soon, other locations popped up, including those in the Deep Ellum Metroplex, Carrollton, Cedar Springs, and Richardson.

Throughout the years, Cafe Brazil Dallas has received multiple awards from D Magazine and the Dallas Observer. These include Best Breakfast, Best Coffee, Best Late Night Dining, Best Grilled Cheese, and Best BLT.

Cafe Brazil Deep Ellum: A Match Made In Heaven

Cafe Brazil

Cafe Brazil Deep Ellum opened up in 1994. It houses their bakery where they create their delightful pastries, desserts, and homemade bread and empanadas. Upon walking through the store, you’ll smell the wonderful aroma of freshly-baked goods that will arouse your taste buds.

During the 90s, the Deep Ellum neighborhood was mainly a place where you can find bars and venues for live music. Nonetheless, the establishment benefitted from this as it complements its late-night coffee bar and dining scene. 

Furthermore, the Deep Ellum community has a strong bond, which is both appealing and special. In no time, Cafe Brazil builds strong ties and friendships within the community. And this made them feel like a part of a family that’s made up of residents, families, friends, and local businesses. 

The eclectic concept, which found a home in an eclectic community, is truly a match made in heaven.

Great Breakfast Everyday At Cafe Brazil!