Amazing place! We were there a little early, so there were not many people at that time. Great deals for happy hour! We love their chicken wings and “adult coffee” as well. Also, their coconut drink is super sweet, just like I love it! The staff is also extremely attentive and very courteous. We will definitely come back to try their Thursday salsa nights. Katherine Martinez, Google

Cafe Salsera: A Mexican Restaurant With A Little Latin Flavor

The concept of Cafe Salsera Deep Ellum is a fusion of casual Mexican restaurant and a bit of Latin flavor. Likewise, the entire place is a vibrant salsa lounge with the elements of a coffeehouse. In terms of taste, their inspiration is the various Latin cuisines throughout the Americas. 

What Salsera aims for is to provide their customers with the best flavors on every plate they serve. Hence, they have a Latin America menu that infuses traditional favorites with modern flavors. And to complement their dishes, they have refreshing and distinct cocktails. Also, if you want something hot, they have specialty coffees, from Cuban Espresso-based drinks to their signature Coco Loco.

The Reboot


Originally, Cafe Salsera was a combination of a restaurant, coffee bar, and night club. Moreover, its doors were open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The spot even offers customers coffee on-the-go through its walk-up window. 

The main reason its owner, Wilson Chan started the business is to satisfy his love for salsa. However, things didn’t go as well as he hoped it would. First, his staff doesn’t have enough experience. And secondly, Cafe Salsera has seen a handful of brawls dure to lack of door policy and security.

For these reasons, Chan decided to do a reboot by focusing more on the restaurant side of things. Along with the switch is hiring professional chef, Armando Aguilar. 

Traditional Latin Favorites With A New Twist

Chef Aguilar has a rich background in French and Mexican cuisines. He combines these with the new menu and food concept of the Deep Ellum restaurant. Additionally, he incorporates it with some of his favorite classic American dishes and add his personal touch to it.

The new menu includes the delicious tuna tartare with premium grade tuna, avocado, and naan bread made in-house. It also has the flavorful four pork bellies on a steamed bun. Another worth ordering here is their halibut with orzo pasta. This dish has everything like pea puree, chorizo, parsnips, and mushrooms. You’ll also enjoy chef Aguilar’s tamarind short rib with Swiss chard and parsnip puree on top.

Furthermore, the items on their menu rotate as the seasons change. Doing so will ensure that you’ll only have the freshest of flavors. On the other hand, their selection of specialty cocktails features various flavors. You can order anything, from coconut water to chamoy. Also, the cafe will not be complete without their fresh, delicious coffee blends.

But as day turns into night, the fiery Latin vibes of Cafe Salsera comes to life. Their weekly late night activities include Thursday with Elm Street Latin and Friday with ETX. Meanwhile, you can dance your heart out on Saturday with DJ Noe G and Sunday night continues with Noe G!

The Best Flavors And The Most Exciting Moments!