This has always been my go to sushi restaurant for about 7 years! it has NEVER disappointed me or my family! The menu options are great and the fish is so fresh! I highly recommend for anyone wanting good fresh sushi!
–  Katherine J,  Plano, TX,

Deep Sushi Deep Ellum: Sushi With An Edge

Deep Sushi Deep Ellum takes pride in their expert preparation and fine ingredients, which their chef handles carefully. Ever since the restaurant’s opening in 1996, it has seen a steady stream of numerous new fans and long-time loyal customers. So if you’re looking for a place serving sushi with an edge, then this is the place to be.

Committed To The Deep

Deep Sushi

A group of physicians, who considered themselves sushi specialists, paved the way to Deep Sushi. The idea started when one of the original partners lived a couple of years in Japan and tried various sushi throughout Tokyo. When he returned to Deep Ellum, he presented the concept to his partners, and in less than a year, the idea turned into reality. 

During the 90s, there were only a few sushi places in Dallas. The names that dominate include Mr. Sushi, Yamaccuchis, and Makamotos. With the opening of Deep Sushi, the traditional sushi scene was given a breath of fresh air. They offer a far more exciting and lively ambiance in Deep Ellum. 

Hence, the success of the restaurant was instant, attracting nightly crowds of a new breed of professionals in Dallas. It also became the place of hangout of occasional performers attending events within the Dallas area. Additionally, popular Hollywood stars, including Harrison Ford and the late Chris Farley, as well as Troy Aikman and other sports icons, often get their fill of sushi here. 

Deep Ellum may have gone through many changes throughout the years, but the establishment remained true to its commitment. Today, it continues to deliver the freshest sushi around in a fun and spirited atmosphere. And because of this, its success lives on while others have shut down or made a home elsewhere.

An Appetite For Creative Sushi

Deep Sushi

Deep Sushi blends well with the energetic neighborhood of Deep Ellum perfectly, both inside and out. The facade of the restaurant with its green tiles, resemble the various green shades of nori. On the other hand, its inside is comparable to an Avant-garde night-club but with a touch of Japanese tranquility.

Music ranging from rap to rock will greet you upon entering Deep Sushi. And the service you’ll receive here is nothing short but thoughtful. You’ll even get warm washcloths cradled cleverly in bamboo, just like in traditional sushi houses. Their sushis, which include simple classics, are always served fresh and presented beautifully.

Likewise, you can get your fill of delicious tempura, sobas, teppanyaki, and classic starters. You can also enjoy salmon, shrimp, tuna, and white tuna sashimi, complete with fresh cucumber, radish, seaweed, and citron sauce. 

Succulent Bites And More At Deep Sushi