Harlowe MXM, 2823 Main Street

Harlowe MXM is certainly Deep Ellum’s best restaurant that intends to offer the best hospitality services with friendly staff and bartenders. They offer a classy and modern dining experience served with American Cuisine, including seasonal food and drinks. The live music offers a fantastic experience and comfy atmosphere for people to hang out long hours at the restaurant attempting the varieties in their menu.

The very specialty that highlights the Harlowe MXM menu is the key ingredients combined with wood-fired meat and seafood, selective and creative beers/ wine, fresh vegetables that are sourced locally, and vintage cocktails.

  • Best hospitality services.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Best American cuisine.
  • Comfy atmosphere.
  • Wood-fired meat and seafood.
  • First choice for late-night lovers .

The Stylish interior Harlowe MXM stands as the first choice for late-night lovers with a lengthy list of creative wines and cocktails. The customers can find great value food and taste at this classy restaurant. The ambiance is cool, chic, and casual, with smoking allowed only in the outdoor area or Patio.

The large categories of the menu comprise Shares, Oysters, Greens, Sands, Plates, Sides, Cocktails Classic, Custom, Charged, Frozen, Coffee+NA, Draught, Bubbles, White, Rose, Red, Dessert and so on.

The reason to visit the restaurant, again and again, is their perfectly prepared, cooked and flavored recipes. The featured dishes amongst the menu include Lobster Roll, Charred Shrimp Beet Salad, Tri-Tip, Thai Ribs, Pork Belly Chimichanga, Chorizo Churros, Toad in the hole, and Dulce De Leche Churros. All of these are must-try! To detail, the chorizo churros feel awesome with luscious fresh queso. Chimichurri sauce tastes overwhelming with mint added, and calamari tastes the best with the right amount of heat.

Happy hours are open from Tuesday to Friday between 11 am and 7 pm offering the best in town House wines, Frozen drinks, Draughts, and Cocktails at just $5.

Another specialty of Harlowe MXM that other restaurants do not follow is their meal type. They offer only Brunch and Dinner on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am, and 2 am. From Tuesdays to Fridays, they offer only Lunch and Dinner between 11 am to 2 am. All Mondays are closed for break.

They went above and beyond to accommodate my large party. Last week I had my birthday brunch at Harlow’s MXM and they really took care of us. The service was great, Tyler had an awesome attitude and was attentive. The food was great, the drinks were good and we enjoyed the atmosphere. Until ally I wanted to be upstairs for the view, but we changed our mind and they moved us no problem. We had a party if 12 which turned into a party of 18 by the time we left. They never complained, just kept adding seats for my guests. That’s what I call service.

I had previously only been here for drinks before my brunch, but you’ll be seeing more of me. Quality service= customer loyalty.

Aminah M. | Yelp Review.

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