I wanted a healthy but filling meal before a road trip with my boyfriend. We decided to try Hibiki. We sat outside because the front porch is cute and the weather was nice. Plus they’re in front of a parking lot so we could also watch our car perfectly.


We ordered baked green mussels, crunch roll with eel sauce  teriyaki chicken, miso soup, and salad with ginger dressing. Every single dish was AMAZING. Everything came out perfectly paced as well! The teriyaki chicken was to die for. The sauce was sweet and the best I’ve ever had.


Could not have had better food for dinner tonight.


– Amanda S., Austin, Texas, Yelp

Hibiki Sushi: Not Just Your Ordinary Japanese Restaurant

Hibiki Sushi Deep Ellum is a different kind of Japanese restaurant. It’s an entertaining spot that’ll excite you with delicious and fantastic seafood cuisines. It’s not your typical izakaya kind of Japanese pub as well, but they do serve tapas. They also have a bar that boasts a wide array of drinks from Japanese whiskey and classic cocktails to top sake and Soju.

Rolling It In The Deep!

Hibiki Sushi is the brainchild of chefs JB Kim and Franky Shin. The two were co-workers at a Las Vegas sushi restaurant before venturing on their own. When Kim relocated to Texas, he saw it as a chance to open a restaurant and partnered with Shin. 

After searching long and hard for the perfect location, they find themselves in Deep Ellum, and Hibiki Sushi is born. What makes the neighborhood promising is that there are not a lot of sushi restaurants around it. So that’s good news for the pair since they’ll have fewer competitors. 

The Deep Ellum restaurant began its operation in 2018, occupying the former location of Amsterdam Falafelhouse. The transformation they did to it is nothing short but astounding. Think sleek with chic, dark wood all over. 

They also get rid of the odd-looking table in the middle of the restaurant. Instead, they placed a nice sushi bar to the right. Not to be outdone, the exterior is just as lovely. They turn the front porch into a lively area with outdoor seating for dog lovers and their four-legged buddies. 

A Sushi Haven

Hibiki Sushi Deep EllumHibiki Sushi’s s menu includes some typical Japanese favorites, such as tempura, udon noodles, and chicken teriyaki. Additionally, they have plenty of appetizers to offer, as well as affordable lunch options with their traditional Japanese bento boxes.

But what stands out is their list of specialty rolls, which is around four pages long! Hence, if you’re looking to try out a new roll every day, this diner is the perfect destination. There’s something for every sushi lover here. They even mix traditional with modern flavors as their sashimi marinated in spicy sauce. This specialty has a distinct flavor that you won’t find in conventional sashimi.

Although Hibiki Sushi is not a resto-bar, they do have a bar that serves a variety of drinks. Their drink menu comprises of the current trend Japanese whiskey, alongside sake, sake bombs, and different cocktails. Furthermore, they are open until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Plus, you’ll sure look forward to their happy hour on weekdays with unbelievable prices on drinks, select sushi rolls, and specials. 

Another thing that you’ll look forward to dining here is how Chef Boom Boom shows diners how to make a sake bomb. Also, the waiter will give you suggestions about what specialty you can try basing it on your preference. You’ll find the names on most of their dishes funny and peculiar as well, which will bring a round of laughter on your table.

Fresh, Healthy, Mouthwatering, And Tasty Sushi!