I absolutely love this place! We have been coming here since their opening. The food is delicious! The meat is of high quality and the vegetables to grill are fresh. Also, the cocktails are good. Some of my favorites are the rib eye, short ribs, beef belly, filet mignon, the mushroom medley, and shishito peppers. And whenever  we take new friends here, we just order one of everything. This is so that people can try and decide what they like best for the next round. I highly recommend this place! – Kaylee N., Dallas, TX, Yelp.com

Niwa Japanese BBQ: Japanese Comfort Foods, Cocktails, And Sakes

Niwa Japanese BBQ is a Deep Ellum restaurant where you can enjoy unique Japanese delicacies. It will provide you with a chance to indulge in top-class Japanese cuisines when you’re in Dallas, Texas. Likewise, it’s where you can have an authentic “yakiniku” experience. Their service also comes complete with Japanese style, premium-grade, smoke-free in-table grills.

A Beautiful Blend Of Traditional Japanese Cuisine And Modern Technology

Niwa Japanese bBQ Deep Ellum

By bringing Yakiniku in town, Niwa gives diners a unique dining experience. The modern Japanese restaurant serves high-quality meats. They also have one of the best barbecue in Deep Ellum. Additionally, you have 13 delectable choices to grill with your vegetable options. These include wagyu beef, rib-eye steak, and filet mignon. There are also yakitoris and other late-night specialties that you can feast on. Moreover, you can enjoy a sip of sake, beer, or Japanese-inspired cocktails, as you prepare your meal. 

Niwa is popular for serving exclusive dinner platters throughout the week. The place also focuses on the subtleties of Japanese dishes while using the latest technology for roaster tables. These down-draft roasters can eliminate the scent and smoke usually associated with yakiniku at your table. 

Due to its popularity, it’s highly recommended to book your reservations in advance. You can also contact the restaurant to reserve tables for private events. Likewise, you can find information about Asian night markets on their official website and social media accounts. These night spots feature some of the top chefs of the region.

Meat Us At Niwa