If you’ve ever had, heard of, or wanted to try real honest-to-goodness Central Texas BBQ this is as close as you’ll come in the MetroMess. Beautiful black bark on the meat, succulent moist insides, and my mouth is watering just typing this out! Best bet is to go with a large group. That way only one of you have to stand in line and pay while the rest hold down a table. Also, so that you can get one of the big family platters (The Trough) and try some of everything. AWESOME. – Bill O., Irving, TX, TripAdvisor

Pecan Lodge: Their Fire Burns Until They’re Sold Out

In a nutshell, the perfect way to describe Pecan Lodge is, where there’s smoke, there’s flavor. Famous for serving one of the best barbecues in Deep Ellum, it also has its own share of an interesting story of origin.

From its beginning as a farmer’s market stall, the restaurant became a highly sought-after permanent destination in Dallas, Texas. Also, what makes them successful throughout the years is offering food smoked in a pit. Likewise, it’s also steeped in time-honored traditions of generations gone by.

Straight From The Pit

Pecan Lodge Deep Ellum

To most locals, Pecan Lodge is synonymous with awesome BBQ. But to its owners, Justin and Diane, it’s far deeper than that. The name of the Deep Ellum restaurant may originate from their grandfather’s ranch in Abilene, but they also incorporate it with their roots. As Justin learns about working an offset pit, Diane ensures that they honor family recipes rather than following current trends.

They weren’t out to set the world on fire. But they were able to conquer the dining scene in Texas one bite of brisket at a time. People can’t get enough of their offerings. And soon we saw lines begin forming in front of the doors of the dining place.

Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by its beautiful spartan-inspired interiors. However, it’s the continuous buzz inside that gives the barbecue joint the perfect ambiance for enjoying a meal.

Pecan Lodge features something unique for all types of food lovers out there. There’s more to it than smoked meats, which range from juicy brisket to mouthwatering beef and pork ribs. Its menu also includes sandwiches, sides, desserts, and Southern comfort foods.

And in terms of entertainment, you can look forward to being a part of the exclusive live music sessions. This happens every Friday and Saturday night. Hence, its overall environment is quite fun. You can even grab a cold beer or two, which you can enjoy in the patio area if you want to skip the rush inside.

Smoking Out The Competition