The Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge
The Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge

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The Freeman Cajun Café and Lounge

The Cajun Café and Lounge started in 2011, is now a part of the top list of cafés in Dallas, Texas.
Enjoy the variety of cajun cuisines with a touch of café ambiance. It doesn’t stop here, the café features local jazz, musicians, bands, and live singing every night starting from 7 pm. The café is best suitable for dinner dates, get-togethers, and meetups. The music, combined with delicious food and outdoor seating, creates a perfect therapy to lift one’s mood in minutes.

  • Daily Live Music.
  • Tasty Appetizers.
  • Cajun Entrees.
  • Happy Hour Mon-Fri.
  • Zesty Cajun Food.
  • Sweet Treats.

The Freeman Cajun Cafe and Lounge Makes Every Day Count

  • Variety: The café offers a wide range of meals and dishes to choose from.
  • Caters to Every Mood: They have food for every mood – happy hour food, takeaway, casual dining, the feeling just for coffee, comfort food, and whatnot.
  • Unique: One can feel the touch of the club and café, too, with outdoor seating and music nights.
  • Attractions: The café is mostly seen crowded with teenagers, college students, and tourists.
  • Value for money: Besides offering you so much on your plate and for entertainment, the café is pocket-friendly. For example, their specials in cajun brisket will cost US$ 10-14 only.
  • World-class Service: People coming here are big fans of their service and the way of dealing. Service is fast and smooth with polite and trained staff members.
  • Ambiance: The décor and interior is so pleasing and welcoming that people find themselves sitting at home. And, the house has all the facilities at your service.

Live music + exotic cajun comfort food + decent price = a perfect place to chill and make your moment. The café and lounge run seven days a week from 11 am to 2 am. Besides, you can also get additional discounts too in happy hours. So what are you waiting for? Get set to explore the best of café and lounge experience in Dallas with The Free Man Café and Lounge.

Stopped in here to listen to jazz on a Friday night. The place was jamming and the atmosphere was chill and relaxed. They served stiff cocktails and also had a good beer list. Really enjoyed the music, ambiance and drink. Highly recommend for a chill location in Deep Ellum.

Dawn D. | Yelp Reviews.