RBC Deep Ellum (Red Blood Club) – A Complete Music Venue with a Tempting Drinks’ Menu

Red Blood Club of Deep Ellum is the most integrated place established to ensure that the fun is still alive in the district. Many people refer to Red Blood Club as a precious wealth of the Ellum. Established back in the days by Michael Whittington in 1999, the club is located on 2617, Commerce Street. At very first, the club was built as a pub, but gradually it turned into a music venue.

  • A complete music venue.
  • Hardcore and punk musical events.
  • Live music events daily.
  • Big music event once every month.
  • Great chile con queso and chips.
  • Delicious T bones and barbecue.

The History of RBC makes it Unique

There was a time when everyone in Dallas knew how difficult it was to run a business in Deep Ellum. While everyone else was shutting off and moving from Deep Ellum, RBC was the only place that didn’t close even on a single day during those tough times. Red Blood Club became a community place where people from every age group came to enjoy some drinks. According to the owner, the pub was later reinvented into a pop and hip hop music venue.

A Complete Music Venue

The most important aspect for the success of RBC was their hardcore and punk musical events. The club gained huge fame as bands from all across from the U.S and even from outside the country performed at the club. RBC still hosts live music events daily by promoting local singers and artists. Once every month, the club holds a big music event that goes full house almost always.

From the Menu

Dallas is a place quite famous for its unique food habits. And, the menu of RBC truly justifies it. They have a wide range, like for starters, they offer chile con queso with chips with Fletcher’s corny dog, chicken steak, and pecan pies also popular. Their bestsellers include Fajita meat served with vegetables and tortilla, as well as the best T bones and barbecue.

The Red Blood Club is entirely composed of artistic and entertainment virtues, which makes it a place worth visiting.

Dive bar heaven, bringing in some great bands. The owner of the bar is awesome very nice and accommodating and her son was really helpful. Feels good to support a family business downtown.

Shelbie W. | Yelp Reviews.

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