Sons of Hermann Hall
Sons of Hermann Hall

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Sons of Hermann Hall – A Home to Great Musical Events in Dallas

The Sons of Herman Hall was the first fraternal society in the US, founded by a group of German immigrants in 1840. And, in Texas, Sons of Herman Hall was built in 1911. Originally, the place was built to serve as an intellectual meeting house and for public gatherings. Over the years, the lodge turned to a music venue that went on to be known as one of the most legendary dance halls in Texas.

  • Started promoting local singers.
  • Friendly neighborhood bar.
  • Bowling alley and a ballroom.
  • Latest country and cowboy music events.
  • Campfire night for the member.
  • Open from Wednesday to Saturday only.

Greatest Musical Events at Sons of Herman Hall

During the spring of 1984, the place took the initiative and started promoting local singers and songwriters. Allowing them to perform in the hall, they called it the Songwriter’s Sanctuary. The hall witnessed an epic history when, in 1985, The Known Radio sang with Jim Brison, and Royce James did the folk music DJ shows.

Sons of Herman Hall started community services and employment in 1987. They hosted special nights on Wednesdays and Saturdays for encouraging young talent.

Amenities and Specialties

Sons of Herman Hall in Deep Ellum offers amenities of a friendly neighborhood bar, a bowling alley, and a ballroom. You can enjoy the latest country and cowboy music events at the place. Besides, the hall also offers swings to dance and a campfire night for the member and have special brewed beers and wells as well. One could always come by and enjoy a sunny evening in there patio.

The place is easily locatable, established in a heritage building at 3414, Elm Street, Dallas, Texas, just around the turn. The place is one of the best and most significant buildings in the neighborhood of Ellum Street. However, there are some things you should know before visiting the place. For instance, Sons of Herman Hall stays open from Wednesday to Saturday only and operates from 5.00 pm to midnight.

This Deep Ellum institution has been around since 1910 when the Sons of Hermann, a German fraternal organization, built it as a meeting place. Today it serves as a dance hall and concert venue. The upstairs hall is just the right size – intimate but not too small, and there’s a nice (dive) bar downstairs for refreshment. We went for the swing dancing and live band on New Years and had a great time.

David L. | Yelp Reviews.

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