The Door

The Door club, Dallas, is situated in the historic Deep Ellum on 2513 main street. The Door has a welcoming atmosphere, both inside and outside. It is one of the unique and most electronic nightclubs for the lovers of electronic music. The door club is a host to every music genre and for every live band, either famous or a new.

  • Welcoming atmosphere.
  • Live music, bar and food.
  • 22 years of experience.
  • Live band on the weekends.
  • Karaoke on Tuesday & Thursday nights.
  • Over 50 premium ranges of vodka.

This amazing club was opened in May of 1998. This was one of those clubs, which helped in enhancing the nightlife scenes in Dallas. It does a great job of drawing the attention of music lovers and young drinkers.

Live Music, Bar, and Food

The venue offers live music, bar, and food, making it a very exciting spot to be at. No doubt, The Door club has been offering all these from the last 22 years.

  • The Doors club had introduced nearly 2 dozen of the most popular faces in the music industry in the last 2 years. The club always has a live band for the audience on the weekends.
  • The club always supports the raw and young talent in becoming a good singer or composer.
  • The club also has the facility of karaoke on Tuesday and Thursday nights after 10 PM
  • The bar in the music venue is quite impressive and affordable. You can order a cocktail, but the heart of the bar is in serving the best whiskey and over 50 premium ranges of vodka to its customers.
  • If we talk about the food at the Door, they serve delicious goat cheese salad. Their smoked salmon, quinoa salsa chips, grass-fed beef burgers, and Belgian steamed mussels are some of the major food attractions of the city.

Being a 22-year-old club, the place has given the Dallas citizens a memory of experiencing amazing bands. The bar sees no age difference in anyone, as they welcome people from all age groups without any time-based restrictions. The Door club is open so you can enjoy the food and live music.

This club is yet another spectacular representative of the beautiful Deep Ellum scene. I friggin’ love Deep Ellum.

Stephen L. | Facebook Reviews.

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