The Prophet Bar – The Perfect Place for Live Music

Russel Hobbs started the prophet bar in 1985. The only aim behind the Prophet Bar was to make the Deep Ellum’s art & music popular and recognizable by everyone. It is located in Deep Ellum, TX.

  • Unique art and music.
  • Thirty-five years of experience.
  • Platform for many artists.
  • Warmly welcomes all kinds of people.
  • Live music and drinks.
  • Huge concerts and small get together.


The prophet Bar is known for its originality and uniqueness of art and music, which they bring for the people of Dallas. From the last thirty-five years, the prophet bar is entertaining people every week with national, touring bands and popular regional musicians. Not only they engage their audience, but they also serve as a platform for many artists and musicians to showcase their talent. Many bands have started their careers at The Prophet bar for the first time and have reached their heights of success.

Key highlights of The Prophet Bar

  • It is a place for enjoyment for the people who are crazy about live music and drinks in Deep Ellum.
  • The prophet bar warmly welcomes all kinds of people at all times. Anyone can come and take pleasure in the activities of the bar.
  • The Prophet Bar has proven to be the most realistic and raw bar amongst all others present in Dallas, TX.
  • All kinds of shows are run here, starting from huge concerts or performances to a small get together. The prophet bar has room for all.
  • It is the only bar where you can enjoy without getting bored or driven away by other things, the live music that is played here is of no match.

The Prophet Bar is known to revive the neighborhood of Deep Ellum with its art and cool music in the 1980s. When no one was visiting Deep Ellum, and the business was going down, this bar took this spot back to its place, and since then, it is standing strong. All in all, one cannot pass away without visiting this bar and music spot for once.

Great venue. The first I had been to since moving to Dallas at the beginning of Sept. The place is rad for a show, the acoustics are nice. I am now a fan of this spot… I have not had the chance to get drunk here, yet… but oh, I will..

Jen D. | Yelp Reviews.

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