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The world famous Trees is the legendary live music venue in Deep Ellum.

Trees Deep Ellum: The Premier Live Music In Dallas

Famous across the globe, Tress offers premier live music not only in Deep Ellum but in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. It boasts an award-winning sound system and is the place where you can watch your favorite bands.

  • Legendary live music venue.
  • Premier live music.
  • Award-winning sound system.
  • Best place in town to catch a concert.
  • One of the busiest venues in Dallas.
  • Festivals, burlesque shows and more.

A Little Taste Of Music History

Trees Deep Ellum is one of the leading event venue and catering business in Dallas. Music rock enthusiasts in Dallas have come here at least once in their lives and for many reasons.

trees deep ellum inside barSince it opened its doors in May 1990, its stage has seen performances to some of the biggest names in the industry. This includes Nirvana, Radiohead, Deftones, Pearl Jam, Tool, Arcade Fire, Erykah Badu, and Dave Matthews Band, to name a few.

As the best place in town to catch a concert, it has great legend and history under its belt. Some of these were the infamous fight between Kurt Cobain and a bouncer, as well as numerous awesome performances from The Flaming Lips.

Trees have had their share of ups and downs and have shut down in the past. Nonetheless, it reopened under new management and became what it is today.

With a bit of renovation of its bar and a fresh coat of paint, it became a sleek space. It’s a far cry from its former dilapidated operation.

Visiting trees is like taking a little lesson in music history. Plus, the best thing about it is that you’ll get to see some of the best national and local bands around.

What’s In A Name?

Trees co-owner Clint Barlow can name the club with a different one. In fact, one of his partners even attempted to rebrand it as Fat Daddy’s Live! However, that’s not the style of Barlow. For him, revamping Trees is more about preserving the legacy of the venue. It’s also about reviving the former status of Deep Ellum as the capital of live music in North Texas.

Fast forward to today, Trees Deep Ellum remains one of the busiest and best venues in Dallas. Moreover, it’s the place that hosts not only local and regional but national artists of all genres as well. There are also festivals, burlesque shows, and so much more you can watch here.

Relieving Some Memorable Trees Events

Deftones Secret Album

Trees played host to a Deftones show on May 4, 2010, for the release of their secret album. After the show, the band had an intimate webcast Q&A with their fans. Jessie Jessup moderate it while 102.1 The Edge hosted. Additionally, they premiered their latest album called Diamond Eyes afterward. The show, where Deftones performed 21 songs, was announced on the same day, and it sold out right away.

At The Drive-In Reunion

On April 10, 2012, the band At the Drive-In held their reunion concert in Trees Deep Ellum. Also, we saw the psychedelic El-Paso based rock back Zechs Marquise opened the show.

Post Malone Sold Out Show

The first-ever concert of Post Malone that sold out was held in Trees on May 30, 2015. During that time, the Dallas-based rapper only had a handful of songs to boot. Nonetheless, his set featured a couple of performances of his massive hit, White Iverson, which ran around 25 minutes.

The 6th Anniversary Show Of Trees Deep Ellum

Trees celebrated their 6th Anniversary show on August 22, 2015. Performances include those from rap-metal band Body Count and Denver hardcore, The News Can Wait. Furthermore, local bands Mad Mexicans and Dowlo played as supporting Acts. One of the most memorable moments of the event was when Clint Barlow, played drums with Downlo.

The Nirvana Incident

Nirvana played their most infamous set at a sold-out crowd in Trees Deep Ellum on October 19, 1991. The show was scheduled before they release Nevermind, the band’s breakout hit album. As a result, the venue was jam-packed to the roof with Nirvana fans.

Nirvana at TreesAt the last minute, the tour manager of the band asked Trees to heightened its security. It was so full that no barriers were put up between the crown and the stage.

One of the many security guards assigned that night to ensure fans were off the stage was Turner Van Blarcum. However, fans started to become rowdy once the set of the band began. And as their security to keep the crowd controlled, Kurt Cobain motioned the fans to move towards the stage. Cobain then did a stage dive towards the crowd, jumping off the back of Van Blarcum.

Nirvana’s security, including Van Blarcum, tried pulling Cobain back on the stage, but the frontman struck Van Blarcum in the head using his guitar. This lead to Van Blarcum punching the jaw of Cobain, resulting in other Nirvana members confronting him.

Additionally, the entire crowd exploded into madness, during which, Kurt remained onstage. And for about a minute, mad noises with his guitar before throwing it in Dave Grohl’s drum set. As a result, Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic were approached by the staff of Trees backstage. They agreed to go backstage but had to look for Kurt, who was found shelter in the broom closet. He was then accompanied by the staff back onstage to finish their performance.

Nonetheless, once their show was over and they’re inside a cab, a fiery Van Blarcum approached them and struck the window of the cab. As a result, the glass shattered and was all over the band members. Eventually, Nirvana had to pay not only the security’s medical bills but all the damages the venue acquired.

Fantastic sound, fantastic service. Friendly and cool staff with a laid back but professional vibe..

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