Twilite Lounge – Your Best Dine Out Partner

There is no doubt in saying that Deep Ellum is a place full of booze, interactive venues, party places, etc. You can find almost every kind of outing place in Deep Ellum.

Amongst all these places, a new lounge opened in the year 2012 named as Twilite lounge. Twilite lounge is not like all other outings places located in Dallas; it is built to give you calm and relaxing vibes. It is a cool lounge with backrooms and outdoor seatings. From its classic decor, 80s decoration with dark paneling to slow live music, one can’t get enough of this place.

  • Calm and relaxing vibes.
  • Backrooms and outdoor seatings.
  • 80s decoration with dark paneling.
  • Unique drinks like cucumber frizzes.
  • 80s and 90s music and jazz music.
  • DJ nights and karaoke sessions.

Distinctive elements

  • Twilite Lounge is not a place for heavy drinks and parties. The venue is the right kind of local place where one can easily spend the night in calmness.
  • Instead of offering alcoholic drinks, they have substituted it with drinks like cucumber frizzes, frozen Irish coffees, etc. These unique drinks add more charm to the music venue.
  • Moreover, this place knows how to keep you relaxed. So for that, this place has all the arrangements with the 80s and 90s music and jazz music.
  • Twilite lounge also arranges the weekly free entertainment where all are invited to DJ nights, karaoke sessions, and fun nights.

Offerings and Servings

  • Twilite Lounge offers happy hours specials every day from 4 to 8 pm, along with all-night drink special.
  • They are known for their cajun food and services. Bartenders and servers in the Twilite lounge are friendly and listen to every problem patiently quoted by the customers.

Twilite lounge aims to open a kind of place where you feel confident in bringing a date, dine out with family or friends for a relaxing and modest night filled with live music, great food, and enjoyable night. So far, we can say that their idea of starting the Twilite lounge is a huge hit.

Went Twilite for drinks after dinner. Had not hung out in Deep Ellum in a long time. Funky atmosphere, with a good live band. The bartenders were on point and made excellent drinks. Definitely a good spot.

David S. | Yelp Reviews.

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