Undermain Theatre

A group of artists, including Katherine Owens, Bruce Dubose, and some friends who were passionate about their talent, started Undermain Theater in the year 1984. They turned every possible stone to make their dream come true.

The music venue started from a warehouse basement located under the main street and hence got its name “Under Main Street.” The venue started to produce some unique plays since the beginning. As of today, Undermain Theatre has a team of 17 members.

  • 36 years of experience.
  • They are producing innovative films.
  • The team includes top artists.
  • More than thirty-five premiere production.
  • Best theater for art and production.
  • They produce some unique plays.

Undermain Theatre is running for the last 36 years, and its motive is to inspire, educate, and challenge the artists. They are producing innovative films, especially in the poetic and language genre. The team motivates the artists by giving them an amazing platform to show their talent.

Why is Undermain the unique theater in Dallas?

The unique element of Undermain Theater is its artists and quality of work they produce to entertain people. It is a company of 17 members that includes top artists, producers, and directors who are highly devoted to their work.

Secondly, the venue plays a very important role in reinvigorating the neighborhood of Deep Ellum. More people are now attracted to visit Dallas and explore this exciting place. Undermain Theater is developing some of America’s best and innovative writers.

Achievements of Undermain Theater

  • Recently, this theater has produced many national award-winning artists like John Arnone and Len Jenkin.
  • The theater has produced more than thirty-five premiere production, contributing to the American theater.
  • Undermain Theater was awarded as the best theatre in Dallas by many Dallas magazines and newspapers.

Last words

Undermain Theater is undoubtedly the best theatre for art and production in Dallas. Starting from scrap, this place has reached its height and is striving to achieve more. But unfortunately, the death of one of the owners, Katherine Owens, was tragic. However, she left behind a series of art that will inspire many others for many decades. The company remains moving ahead with her love and guidance.

This is truly a great place; a gem in the Dallas Theater System. It’s literally under Main Street in Deep Ellum.

The theater director came out before the play, shifted some seats around so everyone was sure to have a great view, and then she told about the background of the production and introduced the play. I saw Port Twilight here. I would recommend this play to anyone. I would suggest sitting in the middle around row two or three to get the best view. I wish the chairs were a little more comfortable, but that’s the only down side.

Dana R. | Yelp Reviews.

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