Deep Ellum’s best Mexican restaurants offer some of the most mouth-watering Mexican food in Texas. But some simply stand out from the rest in terms of dishes, drinks, service, and ambiance. So with that in mind, here’s a list of the best Deep Ellum restaurant serving Mexican cuisines that will make you go loco!

Deep Ellum's Best Mexican Restaurants

Cafe Salsera

Cafe Salsera is not your ordinary Mexican restaurant. This casual place has a touch of Latin flavor to it. Likewise, it’s a vibrant salsa lounge with components of a coffeehouse. Also, The menu of Cafe Salsera features the distinct flavors of traditional Latin favors but with a twist. Their innovative homemade recipes cater to the culinary curious, ensuring that your dining experience is always satisfying.

However, Cafe Salsera will not be complete without their cafe, which serves delicious drinks using Cuban Espresso. They also have a lounge that gives you the option to grab a quick cup or to-go. And as the sun sets down, you can enjoy a relaxing evening with your friends or loved ones.

Deep Ellum's Best Mexican Restaurants

Maracas Cocina

Maracas Cocina Mexicana offers sumptuous Mexico City cuisines, Tex-Mex specialties, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. They serve lunch, dinner, and brunch every Thursday to Sunday. Furthermore, they have daily happy hours and food specials that you’ll surely enjoy.

This Deep Ellum restaurant is rated as one of the best in town. Their ingredients are always fresh and they create their classic dishes from scratch. 

But aside from food, what will keep you coming back here is the ambiance of the place. They have a covered patio with outdoor seating, which you can use for your special events.

Deep Ellum's Best Mexican Restaurants

Pepe and Mito’s

Since 2014, Pepe and Mito’s has been serving Tex-Mex dishes that combine tradition and family influence. Chef Pedro Rojas gave their dishes, which date back for generations, his unique style to some of them.

This Deep Ellum’s best Mexican restaurant has many categories on their menu. And dining here is a gastronomic encounter that’s worth experiencing. In fact, during lunch, you’ll smell the wonderful aroma of steak fajitas wafting through the dining room from the kitchen.

Moreover, their flour tortillas are handmade in the kitchen every day. These even have that charred bubble spots, which means they’re freshly made. On the other hand, the tamales here are very tender from steaming. If you’ll order it, make sure to add it with loads of jalapeño-green salsa.

Deep Ellum's Best Mexican Restaurants

Revolver Taco Lounge

Revolver Taco Lounge has one of the tastiest tacos in Dallas. The award-winning taqueria only serves house-made corn tortillas. And it’s some of the best you’ll ever taste in Deep Ellum. 

But that’s not the only thing that makes their specialty a winner. The pork is extremely tender and full of flavors as well, just the way it should be. And then there’s also the fusion of sweet pineapple and hot salsa on top. Indeed, the restaurant has found the perfect balance that makes a taco great. 

Aside from regulars, Revolver Taco also has rotating specials on their menu. It includes almost every imaginable ingredient you can think of, from octopus to stewed goat meat. So if you want to try something new, this is the perfect Deep Ellum’s best Mexican restaurant to visit.

Deep Ellum's Best Mexican Restaurants


Rounding up our list of Deep Ellum’s best Mexican restaurants is Vidorra Cocina de Mexico. It’s a trendy place serving authentic Mexican cuisines. The name of the restaurant means “the good life.” And you’ll certainly experience some of the best things that life has to offer when you dine here.

This Mexican restaurant in Deep Ellum has a patio and rooftop that offers a spectacular view of the city. On the other hand, their menu consists of exciting and bold Mexican flavors. Likewise, they offer a wide range of tequila selection together with unique cocktail concoctions.

So if you’re looking for the perfect place for brunch, make sure to make your way to Vidorra. Who doesn’t want to sip Mimosa while enjoying the beautiful Dallas skyline on a rooftop?

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